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I have been a flight instructor for many years. With the addition of the light sport category, I have found that there is not a lot of specific training materials available. My flight school has a couple of light sport aircraft available for training, so I was thrilled to hear that Rod was working on a sport pilot specific textbook. The sport pilot/LSA program seems straightforward at first, but on further inspection you will find many interesting variances from a private pilot course, such as aircraft sets, and the new category of light sport repairman. Also, the aircraft are different to some extent, with the prevalence of "new" varieties types of engines such as Rotax and Jabiru. It is great to have a single source of information for these new features, much easier than trying to navigate through all the regulations, ASTM consensus standards, and the often false information given out by flight instructors and other pilots that haven't taken the time to learn the facts about the sport pilot program. I would highly recommend this book to anyone pursuing a SP certificate or any CFI who wants to learn the more.

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